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No Means No Justice

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Memo to the Kavanaugh “debate”: YOU ARE DUMB

I don’t know for a fact that Brett Kavanaugh did the things he’s been accused of doing. There. That sentence won’t satisfy Dudes On The Internet, but nothing satisfies them, so all I can do is say I made the effort. I don’t know that for a fact, but I do know a bunch of other things.

I know all the things Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of are VERY on-brand for the type of person Brett Kavanaugh is. I know Brett Kavanaugh, if confirmed, will be the foremost representative of rape culture on the Supreme Court.

I know that Mark Judge, his longtime buddy and possible accomplice, is a garbage person whose recent arguments in favor of a “middle ground” on consent and “the beauty of uncontrollable male passion” are clear attempts to justify and excuse behavior in the face of increasing societal awareness that that behavior is bullshit. I also know that the people who want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court don’t want Mark Judge within two states of Washington D.C., and I know what that means.

I know that the shit no longer under dispute about Kavanaugh, the shit that came out about his yearbook and the demeaning way he described women there, are signifiers of a certain type of personality that we all know because we’ve either watched them, were them, or were victims of them.

I know that the scattershot multitude of defenses of Kavanaugh on the right, and the inconsistencies between them, aren’t a bug - they’re a feature. They understand that people just need one excuse not to care, so they give people lots of possible excuses not to care. He didn’t do it. They’re lying. They’re mistaken. It was some other guy who kinda looks like him. It’s all a liberal conspiracy. They didn’t come forward at the time. OK, he did do it, but that’s what teenage boys do. They can’t help themselves. It wasn’t a big deal. It’s not disqualifying.

All anyone has to do to stop caring is believe one of those things. They won’t care that the other things are out there or contradict the thing they believe, because they’re trying not to care. Caring is hard. Life is busy. If they can believe this one thing and move on with their lives with their worldview unchallenged, they’ll take it.

I know that if push comes to shove, Collins, Murkowski, Flake, Corker, and the rest will fall in line, because that’s what they do. The only way to flip them is to be sure that a bigger shove comes to shove, and they realize it’s more damaging to them to fall in line than to not. The good news is, Trump’s pretty much unleashed on this shit right now, and that’s no help when you’re trying to pretend you have a conscience and are acting on it.

I know that Brett Kavanaugh lies. A lot. Demonstrably and repeatedly and under oath, even if it’s another transgression the people in charge of confirming him choose not to give a shit about. And I know he’s the vat-grown product of a system designed to exploit government process to maximize the power of certain groups of people at the expense of other groups of people.

But I don’t know he’s an attempted rapist, gang-rape enabler, dick-waver, and punch-spiker. Not for sure. Not as a fact. But I’d bet he is.

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