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Memo to Discourse Monitors: FUCK RIGHT OFF.

In the wake of the admittedly regrettable Scalise shooting, attention has turned, as has been pointed out here before, to the "corrosive discourse". Much like the deficit, corrosive discourse is only a problem when Democrats ar the ones ostensibly making it worse.

Weird how we're suddenly policing "extreme" rhetoric now that Democrats are criticizing the Senate's secret, rushed, shitty copy of the House's secret, rushed, shitty health care bill. Because why have an uncomfortable conversation about the lives the reinstated lifetime caps could destroy when we could all agree that Democrats need to be nicer?

This is, of course, classic Villagerism, where the actual issues that affect people's lives are much less important than the mythical glory days when good-hearted politicians would disagree about issues during the day and then go out and have drinks together at night, which, when it happened, was intellectually dishonest as fuck. So maybe don't idealize it. In one of these bullshit conversations on MSNBC, which is perceived as "liberal" and is in fact 85% Villager bullshit (up 10% since the hiring of Greta Van Susteren), they equated the following two quotes. Tell me if you can spot the problem. ACTUAL QUOTES TIME!

"So Senate Republicans had to make a choice. How to pay for all these juicy tax cuts for their rich buddies? I'll tell you how: blood money. Senate Republicans wrung some extra dollars out of kicking people off tax credits that help them afford health insurance." - Elizabeth Warren, on the AHCA.

"Do you know what “blood money” is? Blood money is the money Democrats are raising since the recent attempted massacre of those Republicans at the baseball practice. That’s blood money. The Democrat Party is raising money from deranged lunatics." - Rush Limbaugh.

Let's start with the fact that one of these people is a United States Senator and one is an old opiod addict whose schtick has been made obsolete by a President quoting Alex Motherfucking Jones.

Second, and most importantly, the AHCA, in both House and Senate versions, does exactly what Warren said it does. It takes money from poor people's health coverage and gives it to rich people. That's fact. Stated goal, in fact. The only non-racism-based reason Republicans hate Obamacare is that it taxed rich people to pay for poor people's healthcare, hence repeal.

Limbaugh, on the other hand, is very careful to imply that Democrats are fundraising off of the Scalise shooting, and the reason he's very careful to imply it is that they're not, and Republicans are. So, we have a senator describing a thing and applying a harsh name to it, and Rush Limbaugh talking shit about a thing the right is actually doing on the regular.

It's bullshit. And who knows, maybe this time, the Democrats won't get fooled into thinking people will stop yelling at them if they accede to the latest imaginary moral high ground nobody else gets held to. But I won't hold my breath.

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