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Not Taking It Well

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Memo to Bill O'Reilly's Buds: YOU ARE DUMB.

Why, yes, I am going to keep talking about the Bill O'Reilly thing for a bit, because, well, it's still fucking hilarious. I mean, it's not like anyone was under the impression that Bill O'Reilly was a fastidious truth-teller, but now that it's become A Thing, people are free to dig, and O'Reilly's fibs are not buried particularly deeply.

Just since Friday, Fox has had to use the "by seen, he meant seen pictures of, not seen in person like any reasonable human being would have assumed from the way he phrased it" defense AGAIN, this time for bombings in Belfast. At this rate, I'm one Google image search away from being a world traveler.

And even better, a recording has surfaced of O'Reilly asking about the suicide of the Russian guy he claimed to have heard, and discussing flying out to the city he claimed to already have been in. Oops.

So there is only one question left unanswered in the wake of actual, physical evidence for Bill O'Reilly's mendacity. How are the faithful dealing with it? Because we live in a world where someone like O'Reilly does have a great many faithful.

The good news is, those faithful are very stupid people, and very stupid people are predictable. So you will not be surprised at the level of denial, deflection, more deflection, and even more deflection in evidence.

Obama lied a lot! It's a leftist conspiracy! And, most notably, this is revenge for the Brian Williams thing and the liberals are going after Bill because they can't stand dissenting opinion.

Of course, if the liberal media could somehow generate historical evidence of lies for anyone they disagreed with, do you think we'd have waited for Williams to go down before we acted? Or that we'd start with O'Reilly? Please. Hannity for effectiveness, Gutfeld for obnoxiousness, or Doocy just for being Doocy - taking any of them off the playing field would be a bigger prize than Bill.

But Bill's mendacity is low-hanging fruit. The audio revealing this particular lie has been on the web for a year and a half. All this stuff's been out there - it's just that nobody's bothered paying attention until now. Is that unfair? Only in the sense that it's differently fair. Me, I think it's unfair that none of this was a big deal before now, but then, I disagree with O'Reilly's opinions.

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