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The Great November Dick-Kicking

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Memo to Democrats: KEEP TRYING.

I appreciate the fight to stop Brett Kavanaugh, even though I know, deep in my heart of hearts, that it’ll probably be futile. At least they’re trying.

The last two Supreme Court nominations are deeply indicative of something that Democrats are finally, seemingly to a limited extent, seeming to get a grasp on. The American system of government has been hacked.

Not in a Russian sense, although obviously that happened too. No, what I mean is, the rules have been around long enough that everyone knows how to manipulate them and exploit their loopholes. And there are many loopholes. This has been true for a while, really, but there was a second set of rules in place - based largely on mutually-agreed-upon cultural shame - that kept the manipulation to a minimum. That vanished basically when a black dude got elected President.

The point is, everything has been weaponized, and everything is about the unrestrained use and abuse of power. And if that’s not the game you’re playing, that’s the game you’re losing. And if you don’t think you’re losing that game by not playing, go see what Merrick Garland is up to these days.

This is the main reason why you have to vote in November, and you have to vote for Democrats, and you have to vote for even the shittiest of Democrats, and you have to vote for the shittiest of Democrats even though you’re in a safe district and all the shittiest Democrats are going to win easily, and you have to vote even though you know all this and are totally going to vote anyway for the shittiest of Democrats that are going to win anyway.

Because again, we’re in a mode where everything is about the unrestricted use of power. And the only thing power recognizes is power, and the only real power we still have is voting. People say “general strike” a lot on Twitter, but we all know that’s not gonna happen because people are either fuckers or a one day general strike away from complete destitution. So the only thing that can move the needle is as many people as possible saying THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and punishing the political party that is responsible.

I don’t give a shit how Manchiny the Democrat is, how complicit, how corrupt, how lacking in ideological purity, how white or how male. This is not a scalpel election, this is a Captain Caveman’s Giant Fucking Club election, because metaphorical blunt force trauma to the head is the only langage these politicians speak.

There was a time when we could fuck around with third parties and instant runoffs and “not voting for the lesser of two evils” and the worst that would happen is that thousands of Iraqi children would be needlessly slaughtered but then the guy who did it would give a lozenge to Michelle Obama and it’d be OK. And I miss those days. But the only way we can get back to those days is to kick Republicans in the electoral dick until they at least start pretending not to be sociopathic monsters beholden to an ever-increasing spate of conspiracy theories by the only people they can convince to vote for them.


And in political dick-kicking, margins matter. These people have very tiny dicks, and unless you kick them by as many percentage points as you can manage, they’re likely to shrug it off. You have to rub their noses in the mess they made, and either they’ll learn, or their faces will be covered in Trump’s shit, and either way that’s a win.

When all they understand is power, all that they WILL understand is having their power taken away from them. If you don’t take their power away from them, they’ll decide that there’s no accountability and no consequences and they can get away with that last sliver of things they’ve held back from doing so far. And they’ll be right.

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