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I Guess I Have To Say It Again

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Memo to the usual gang of idiots: REMEMBER THE RULE.

Over the years, You Are Dumb Dot Net has established certain imperatives, maxims, and rules by which the universe operates. Yet these rules are, for some reason, not universally accepted. For example, the law still considers men's right's activists to be people, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. And recently, the official YAD maxim that nobody has ever benefited from the enforcement of strict gender roles has come into question yet again.

The trigger for this uproar? Target's decision to stop labelling some of its kids bedding and toy selections as "boy's" or "girl's" stuff. All this is is one store slightly changing its signage. The toy and bedding industry will still be all too happy to continue its highly gendered practices, including not including female characters like Black Widow in toys and playsets marketed to boys, and nearly everything about every doll and every doll's packaging.

What does that mean for America? It means that Americans who somehow can't decode the incredibly obvious gender-coded marketing of toys and kid's bedding will be COMPLELTELY LOST if they go to Target, and fine if they go anywhere else. Also apparently we're going to create a super-race of androgynous metrosexual children or something. At least according to Fox. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"When you're going to need to buy a toy for a five-year-old little girl, it's helpful to have guidance. I also think, and I think you'd agree with me that, boys and girl are different. And that there are naturally different interests. When you go in there, the Barbies are there, the little boys want the war toys or a gun, or the action figures. Video game interests are different. That is a real thing and it exists." - Tammy Bruce, on Fox and Friends, almost getting it right and then driving into a rhetorical ditch.

Gender preferences for toys is a real thing. It does exist. But their difference in interests isn't NATURAL. It's culturally imposed. It's culturally imposed by the very toys and items we're talking about here. And it's not universal. If you need to buy a toy for a five-year-old girl, which is more important? What toy the five year old girl wants, or what toy a national retailer assumes all five-year-old girls want? Here's a hint - one of these involves freedom and choice, and the other conformity and bullshit. Choose wisely.

Meanwhile, in Steve Doocy's world, Steve Doocy is still Steve Doocy:

"So to recap, it will be the toys and the bedding. It will not be the clothing, which is good because you need to know which is which, I would assume. How many times you gone into a store -- when I buy glasses and there are all of them up on the wall, I will ask the person are these men's or women's?" - Doocy, Doocying the shit out of it.

Steve Doocy doesn't realize that if he can't tell by looking at them which frames are for men and which are for women, then nobody else can either. It is literally the only observable example where Steve Doocy's inability to do something is mirrored across the general population. Hell, glasses frames don't even have gender-segregated sizing like clothes do. If you like and buy a pair of frames that turns out to have been "intended" for women, guess what? Your dick's not gonna fall off, and if it does, you'll be the only one who notices.

Andrea Tantaros asked "Who thinks this is a real problem in America?" The answer is, apparently, Fox. Because nobody else gives a shit. Also, there aren't that many problems in America is in a position to do much about. And if they did something about a living wage, you'd be even more apoplectic.

Get over it. If your gender roles are as natural as you think they are, they'll come out... naturally. Without the toy aisle or Fox and Friends enforcing them. And if they're not as natural as you think, then they need to die in a goddamned fire so people can just like what they like and be happy about it.

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