Embryo Fetishism

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An Unfair Exchange

« March 2013 »

Memo to Minnesota Democrats, particularly Patti Fritz: NO NO NO NO NO.

About two weeks ago, I called for Democrats to not just half-heartedly try to keep Roe v. Wade intact as the law of the land, but openly fight for abortion access, abortion availability, and abortion tolerance, instead of demonizing it and going along with every half-assed restriction the embryo fetishists come up with in the hopes of seeming moderate.

This is why that shit needs to start happening. Now. ACTUAL QUOTE TIME!

"...Preserve the dignity and sanctity and respect of human life." - Reasoning given behind an amendment to the Minnesota bill establishing our Obamacare insurance exchange.

The amendment? Banning any of the private insurance purchased by private individuals using their private money through the public exchanges from covering abortion, unless that abortion threatened the health of the mother, or was the result of incest or rape reported to police within 48 hours of the event.

The bill's sponsor? Faribault Democrat Patti Fritz. The vote on the amendment in the Minnesota House, recently turned over to Democrats in the 2012 elections? 71-58 in favor.

This is some bullshit. The sanctity of human life is not at issue here. Nor is the dignity. And certainly not fucking respect. The exchanges are what poor people got stuck with after Obama negotiated away the public option. The exchanges "allow" poor people who can't afford health insurance to shop for cheaper plans from insurance companies that they might be able to afford, since Obamacare's going to require you to afford one anyway.

So, in order to preserve the dignity of human life, Patti Fritz wants to make sure poor people's abortions aren't covered by private insurance, in the hopes that they won't be able to afford abortions out of their own money, so they can be forced to have a baby they can't afford either, just because the government's gonna make an Expedia-style webpage and be sort of involved.

I expect this kind of embryo-fetishizing, poor-kicking crap from Republicans. That's their brand. But what's the point of handing the state government over to Democrats for the first time in decades if the Democrats we turn it over to are going to pull shit like this?

Poor people should be able to have abortions. Rape victims should be able to have their insurance pay for abortions even if they wait THREE WHOLE DAYS to tell police about it. If you're not on board with that, don't let the big tent's flap hit you in the ass on the way out, thanks.

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