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Memo to Donald Trump: UM, THANKS?

Traditionally, You Are Dumb Dot Net celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Or Great Americans Day if you're the Biloxi Twitter account, of course) but doing a Google New search on the word "racism" and lamenting at the state of racism in America today. But that's no longer necessary. Racism IS America today.

This weekend, the President Emeritus Elect got a bit pee-ved when congressman John Lewis, icon of the civil rights movement, told Meet The Press that, thanks to the mounting evidence that Russia worked to damage the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump get elected, he didn't consider Trump to be a legitimate President.

Note, by the way, what he didn't say. He didn't say Trump wasn't legitimate because he was white, or because he was rich, or because he disagreed with his policies. Nothing ideological or racial about it. It was a decision based on things that happened and further evidence that keeps coming out, such as highly irregular communications between Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and the Russian government during the transition.

Trump, of course, struck back on Twitter, saying two things. First, that Lewis was "all talk talk talk, no action or results" and that he should be spending time fixing his "crime infested" "falling apart" district.

But, you see, Lewis' district isn't crime-infested or falling apart. Trump just assumed it was because, well, Lewis is black and his district is majority black. Which is racist as fuck. So if you want to know the state of racism in America today, know that the soon-to-be president just used a racist lie to try to discredit a civil rights leader on the weekend of MLK Jr. Day.

And, of course, because their guy can never be wrong, the Republican Party, more openly racist than at any point in recent memory, jumped on board to try to discredit Lewis and, really, the entire civil rights movement, making overt what they've been covertly trying to undermine since it happend. Dinesh D'Souza tweeted that Rosa Parks wasn't such hot shit either, just as one example.

Some, like the execrable Piers Morgan, have tried to frame this as Trump, the victim of inequality. That Lewis gets to attack Trump but Trump doesn't get to attack back. Well, first of all, "get to" and "should have" aren't the same thing, but second, no, John Lewis shouldn't be granted immunity from criticism. But Trump's attack was demonstrably wrong on every level and, again, RACIST AS FUUUUUUUCK. These are important details.

Or, they would be important details, in a world where real things mattered. Here, we'll just spend three days arguing over whether John Lewis is the REAL racist, because we're idiots.

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