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Misogynist, Heal Thyself

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Memo to awful man-nerds: GET USED TO IT.

I know a lot of shit happened during the latest longer-than-I-planned service interruption, and I'll get to a lot of it, maybe, but there's one thing that's so indicative of the times, and so in line with this column's topics over the years, that there's no way we're not coming back right to it. And that is the reaction to the news that the 13th Doctor Who's lead will be a woman.

I'm not going to get into the reaction because we all know what it was. Even if you didn't see any of it, you know what it was. Asshole man-nerds work from a very limited playbook. Whining that a thing they thought was theirs was never really theirs and is definitely not theirs anymore and all the usual stock complaints.

And I'm not going to get into the fact that the idea of a female Doctor has been bandied about for so long that it would have been overdue two Doctors ago. That gender-reversed regeneration is established show canon. Or that, given who's writing it, it's probably not going to be any better than recent ManDoctors. Because none of that matters.

What matters is, these little reactionary micropenised cocktivists are losing the representation game. I mean, the game's not over, and there's a lot more work to be done, but the fact is, the direction of change is both evident and immutable.

Yes, entertainment and pop culture is still very very white, very very straight, and very very male. And yes, the rate of change could absolutely be faster. But there's even an upside to that.

Because right now, even though they're losing ground, there are all kinds of things left for them to enjoy. We're not even close to the point Evangelical Christians reached a decade or two ago, where pop culture was so full of boobs and people saying "dammit" and not praying at stuff that they had to create their own, shittier version of pop culture without all that stuff. They should be pretty happy with how things are. I mean, they still have 92% of all Doctors. But they're not happy. They're miserable.

Side note, I actually can't wait for the Men's Rights movement to reach that point and decide they need to start making their own media, free of women and browns and gays and ALL MANLY MAN. It's going to be all the worst parts of an Asylum knockoff crossed with all the worst parts of a Return of Kings post, a.k.a. all the parts of a Return of Kings post.

But anyway. They're miserable, and they cry out in agony every time one more "beloved" thing gets ruined. And there's SO MUCH LEFT TO RUIN. They're going to be miserable for fucking decades. Throwing their little mantrums on social media and pretending they're part of a movement. Revel in their pain, because they are, by and large, irredeemable douchewaffles.

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